Welcome to NMS Management INC

For over 20 Years NMS has been successfully serving its clients needs and being the first face of their business through their service support. NMS conducts business both commercially as well as with all levels of government from city and state to Federal. Our stellar past performance record is surpassed only by the level of satisfaction we receive by providing our clients only the best of service.
NMS is a current General Services Administration Contract Schedule holder under a corporate schedule to best serve our federal clients needs and allowing them the most unlimited access to our services through this quick and efficient form of previously competed contractual awards.
For your clients that first impression may be the cleanliness of our building, vor the quality of your landscape maintenance. For your employees, that first impression may be the convenience of a superbly managed support services staff, or the safety of a well-trained security team.
With so much riding on the quality of service you get in the areas of custodial, security, property management and landscape maintenance does it make sense to settle for anything less than the best?
If the best is the only thing you are willing to accept, then NMS Management, Inc. (NMS) is the only service provider you need. Our experienced managers and skilled employees make customer satisfaction their priority. NMS is the complete and convenient support service company that will simplify your business, because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.


Our Clients Past & Present